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Singapore Yacht Registration

Pleasure craft plying beyond the Port of Singapore and in the high seas are required to be flagged with a Ship Registry. Registration will accord the pleasure craft a nationality. Pleasure craft owners may choose to register their pleasure craft with the Singapore Registry of Ships (SRS) or any other Ship Registries that offers the service. Pleasure craft registered with the SRS are to be used exclusively by the owner or his/her guests for sport or pleasure purposes only, and not for commercial purposes


Part 1 Singapore Flagging Requirements:

  1. Vessel must be under 24m and under 150 GT.

  2. Vessel must be above 7m with an enclosed deck

  3. Not more than 17 years old at the time of registration

  4. Not be constructed from wooden hull or inflatable design

  5. Not a passenger ship and not allowed to carry more than 12 passengers

  6. Vessel will be not be used for chartering, only private use

  7. Vessel must be owned by either Singaporean citizen or Singaporean company

  8. Vessel to be fitted with “Singapore” as Port of Registry, carving and marking must be clear for vessel identification

  9. Pre-registration survey is required

Part 2 Required Documents:

  1. Application Form

  2. Builder’s Certificate / Bill of Sale

  3. Deletion Certificate from Previous Registry

  4. Passport & Address proof of natural person owner

  5. Bizfile (Singapore corporate owner)

  6. Passport & Address proof of directors (Singapore corporate owner) - Appointment of authorised officers for company-owned vessels (Board Resolution for Singapore corporate owner)

  7. Policy of insurance of pleasure craft

  8. CE Certificate – As proof of carrying capacity

  9. Survey report from accredited organisation

  10. Photographs displaying vessel name, profile view of entire craft and enclosed compartments.


Part 3 Pricing:

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