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Guernsey Yacht Registration

Guernsey is one of many islands within the British Isles. Located in the Bay of St Malo, it is an independent jurisdiction governed by its own ‘Parliament’, the States of Guernsey is however dependent on the British Crown for administration of defence and foreign affairs. Guernsey has now established themselves as an international finance centre, built on political stability, low taxation and regulatory environment.


Part 1 Guernsey Flagging Requirements:

  1. Vessel must be under 24m and under 150 GT.

  2. Vessel will be not be used for chartering, only private use

  3. Majority of shares in vessel (33 of 64) must be owned by either British citizen or company registered in British Crown Dependency or British Overseas Territory.

  4. Vessel to be fitted with “Guernsey” as Port of Registry, carving and marking must be clear for vessel identification


Part 2 Required Documents:

  1. Name Proposal

  2. Application to Register

  3. Appointment of authorised officers for company-owned vessels (Board Resolution)

  4. Declaration of ownership for corporate owner

  5. Declaration of ownership for individual owner

  6. Builder’s Certificate / Bill of Sale

  7. Deletion Certificate from Previous Registry

  8. Tonnage measurement Survey


Part 3 Pricing:

Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 7.12.52 PM.png
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