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San Marino Yacht Registration

The Republic of San Marino offers new and exciting opportunities for the registration of merchant vessels, commercial and private yachts, with no restrictions on the nationality of owners and seafarers. A simple appointment of registered agent will suffice. San Marino Ship Register SMSR operates in support of the San Marino Maritime Navigation Authority (SM MNA). The registry at SMSR offer efficient and simple registration solutions which include all-digital access to certification.


Part 1 Key Advantages of flagging with San Marino 

  1. No additional requirements are posed at the national level to the standards set by the international conventions.

  2. The procedures to verify compliance are efficient, fast, and thorough.

  3. Paperwork and bureaucracy are reduced to the minimum necessary to satisfy international requirements.

  4. Survey not required for vessel under 24m in private use only, the inspection can be replaced by a self-assessment via form SA-04-SYSC, or by a CE certificate not older than one year from the date of registration.

  5. San Marino allows vessels in private use to be temporarily engaged in trade for a period up to 90 days.

  6. San Marino allows for commercial registration to be temporarily suspended in order to switch to private use, with a simple online procedure.

  7. San Marino allows for commercial registration without differentiating between charter with and without crew.

Part 2 Required Documents:

  1. Application for registration form

  2. Application for Ship Radio Station Licence

  3. Appointment of San Marino Resident Agent form

  4. Builder’s certificate or bill of sale, as applicable

  5. Power of Attorney, where applicable

  6. Deletion certificate/closed transcript from the previous flag

  7. Copies of insurance policies 

  8. Charter Agreement (demise charter), , where applicable

  9. Certificate of Class, where applicable

  10. Previous Continuous Synopsis Records, where applicable

  11. Appointment of an authorised surveyor or RO for the issuance of statutory certificates, where applicable

  12. Previous International Tonnage Certificate, where available

  13. Copy of suspension or letter of approval by the underlying flag (demise charter), where applicable

  14. Any mortgage deeds against the vessel, where applicable

Part 3 Pricing:

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